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controls while recording#118


Hello! Thanks for the amazing software! i’m not sure of its supposed to be so, but i have this stop and pause button on final video recording. Would be nice to have it not recorded, because there is not much sence my audience should see it!

a year ago

i know you can have it only show up when you hover your mouse on the side of the screen then itll appear so its not there at all times, but I think the whole concept of the recording not picking up on it at all would be really cool.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

Thanks for such kind words! I’ve added your suggestion to our backlog.

Now please try the next workflow:

a year ago

Your comment with trimming helped me with the imminent problem.
However, I wouldn’t have known about the trimming feature if I hadn’t stumbled over this feature request.

Another suggestion:
When recording a partial screen, I move the controls view out of the recorded area. When I record the same area again, the controls view could remember its position from last time and be outside the recorded area right from the start.
Currently the controls are always back inside the recorded area, which is annoying.

8 months ago