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auto-save after each new annotation.#122

Hi, i love your product and have been a heavy user for many years now.

may i request a feature? - i think one that most people would be very grateful to have to be honest.

its a tweak to the auto-save functionality. I do a lot of markup (arrows, text etc) over most of my screenshots. But quite often, when im sidetracked away to something else, my fingers reach for the OPT+CMD+4 to take a new snapshot (muscle memory, a reflex, without thinking) and i lose the previous markup i was working on! Sometimes like 30mins of notetaking annotations etc. I scream everytime i do this! (i dont need to edit that previous markup, i just dont want to loose it).

so my feature request is that: after every new annotation, trigger an auto-save event (keep it simple: that simply overwrites the last auto-save).

is this possible?
i would be forever grateful !!


a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

I’ve added your suggestion to our roadmap list. Thanks for the suggestion!

a year ago

Awesome! Thank you! How do i know when it has been built? Is this page updated?

a year ago

Was just thinking, even a protection feature might be ok. Eg if current annotation has live markup, and a new screenshot has just been taken, promt user for “are you sure?” dialog. Automated auto-save would be better though IMO as this prompt might get annoying.

a year ago

I’ll notify everyone after release of this option

8 months ago