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Disable auto-save original screenshot when using the auto-save to folder#129


I absolutely love the app! It is robust and fantastic for my everyday screenshot annotation use!

My ONLY compliant is that there is no feature to disable saving the original screenshot vs the annotated one. If I uncheck the “Autosave to Pictures folder” in the Advanced settings then yes, I can select the folder manually and it will only save the annotated one. But it would be nice to have the option to still have it auto-save to the pictures folder (or even a specified folder) but not save a copy of the original.

For me it saves a ton of time to have it auto-save to a folder instead of having to manually click “Save” in a specific directory. But with that feature it also creates more work because you then need to manually delete the original screenshot when all you need is the annotated one. With taking close to hundreds of screenshots daily, it really becomes tedious to do all that extra work.

Thanks for providing a way to give feedback and suggestions Monosnap!

Kind Regards,

9 months ago

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the such kind words! Glad to hear that you love Monosnap! ❤️

I’ve added this suggestion for further disccussion with our team. Now I could suggest using hotkey to save or add edited screenshot to clipboard.

To save edited screenshot automatically to “Pictures” folder, you may use CMD+S shortcut. I’ve record a short video for you to be more clear:

To add edited screenshot to clipboard, just use CMD+C shortcut. For more information, please check out this guide:


8 months ago
Merged into auto-save after each new annotation.#122
8 months ago