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Add Missing Skitch 1.x Functionality#25

• Resize with handles (if you want to keep current function, give us a checkbox to enable this). In Skitch 1 the perfect functionality was to resize and drag out at the new size, but to have a checkbox/switch that would allow you to keep the original image size if you’re simply resizing for non alterative reasons.

• Place crop handles on the insize like Skitch 1. These handles allowed quick cropping instead of the current additional step that is completely unnecessary.

• Make Monosnap also have an “app mode” that would allow it to appear on the Dock like Skitch and subsequently (and most importantly) allows for a command-tab over to it. This is a super important function that allows those of us working between apps to take snapshots in other ways and to paste them in without having to go to the menubar.

• Implement a library so that all images that are inserted into Monosnap also go into ~/Pictures/Monosnap as .ms or .monosnap files so that we can keep track of files we’ve worked on and then re-edit them if desired in a format that retains the edits that were made. A very nice bonus would be to import .skitch files.

a year ago
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