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Allow multiple editor (screenshot) windows#57


If a screenshot is created when a Monosnap editor window is open, the new screenshot overwrites the current window.

Screenshots can be added to an existing window if the + button is clicked on an open window, but there’s no way I’m aware of to have multiple editor windows open at the same time.

Having the option to create a new editor window (and leave any open editor windows intact) would be useful.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
8 months ago

We plan to add this feature with the new editor. However, the exact release date isn’t appointed yet.

8 months ago

This is desparetly needed for the MacOS version as well. I’m so used to another screenshot app for Windows being able to handle multiple editors that when I switched to Mac, I can’t tell you how many screenshots I lost just because of this single editor only nuisance.

5 months ago

This is VERY useful for my workflow. To add to that, I hope the multiple editor windows can be tabbed together in one single window, though that might just be MacOs setting.

2 months ago