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Select a Default Folder#99


The Default Folder to save snaps in is “Pictures”. I want to be able to specify a different default folder. When I hit “CMD + S”, I want the snap I’m saving to save in my custom default folder.

I believe you can do this on PC, but not on Mac. I need it on Mac.

18 days ago

According to Apple rules, apps from the App Store must automatically save images and videos only to defaults folders as Pictures and Movies.

15 days ago
Changed the status to
15 days ago

Understanding Apple’s limitations, how about the ability to specify subfolder(s) then? (You already save in a Monosnap folder, so more subfolders shouldn’t be a problem).

Right now, a forward slash in the “Filename template” seems to just be sanitized out of the filename.

The people who use a product like this are the ones that take hundreds to thousands of screenshots a day/week/month and need some ability to organize them automatically.

At a minimum, it’d be nice to be able to do:
%Y-%m/%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S_%W (which sorts by month)

but could also be useful for something like:
%Y-%m/%d/%W/%m-%d_%H%M%S (which sorts by day and then by app)

13 days ago